Bean Bag Chairs

Bean bag chairs are mainly chairs that are constructed out of large sized vinyl or even leather sacks and these chairs are then filled with real beans (in dried form) though the fillings can also take the form of artificial polystyrene beads. Normally, people that wish to use bean bag chairs will place the chair in a desirable spot and then will centre their bodies over the bag before allowing their bodies to fall into the chair.

Bean Bag Chairs

Bean bag chairs - beads

The weight of the body will be supported by the different beads that go into the chair while the outer shell will simply form around the body of the user. Even when the user changes their position, the bean bag chairs will continue to provide adequate support to their bodies. In theory, this is how such chairs ought to work.

Different uses

Bean bag chairs are widely being used in dormitory rooms and also in an apartment. They are very affordable and are a first choice option for those who are young and who need suitable furniture. Bean bag chairs can be carried anywhere and they are easy to handle. A single person can easily handle such chairs.

Very popular items

This is why bean bag chairs are so popular among young people as well as students who are looking for something with which to supplement home furniture for their guests. If you are not looking for something very formal then these are the perfect options for you.

Bean bag chairs are primarily very informal but this is not always a good thing. After sitting in these chairs the body is going to sink deep down into the chair and this can cause difficulties in getting out. In addition, such chairs do not provide adequate lumbar support and since these chairs are filled with beans there is a risk that the beans will become compressed which will add to the discomfort levels when sitting in these chairs.

If the bean bag chairs are torn or get ripped then the beans might spill out and this will render the chair useless. Even so, bean bag chairs are still very popular and the original name for these chairs was a Sacco. These chairs grew to be very popular in the sixties and their outer shells were easy to dye into different colours. During that time, psychedelic colours were very much in demand and the same went for animal prints.

The good thing about bean bag chairs is that they do not in any way impose on you and they also encourage the user to congregate in an organic manner rather than in a regimented manner.

There have been several major improvements in the technology that goes into making bean bag chairs. The outer shells can even be removed and even washed and it is also possible to have inner linings that are waterproof and this would go a long way in preventing adhesion problems.

The bean bag chairs are now being sold mainly to those who are studying in colleges and also to the young adult. Though these chairs were most popular in the sixties and seventies, even today they hold a major attraction for many young people.